With “When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies” GUNSHIP Has Revealed Their Biggest Star Yet.. You!

In “When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies,” the second release off of GUNSHIP’s up-and-coming Dark All Day album, GUNSHIP has ultimately revealed their biggest star yet… and it just so happens to be you! Well, at least your voices anyway.

In a continual effort to engage their fans, GUNSHIP has possibly found the cleverest way yet to do so. They did this by inserting actual recordings from their fans into their latest release “When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies.” The recordings were a result of a fan outreach effort that had happened many months ago when the band asked fans to submit recording of themselves reciting uplifting messages. After an overwhelming 1000+ messages were sent in, the band sampled them and laid them directly into their latest release. The results of this effort make for one of their most intimate songs yet, one where the fans get to take part in the experience.



“When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies” represents a shock and awe moment for the new album. While their first single blasted out of the gate, their second release is a moment of reflection on the fans that have supported them throughout the years. After the explosion of blood rain and saxophone wielding vampires, it’s nice to see GUNSHIP take a more intimate and humble approach with this new release. This is a song I’m sure fans will not soon forget.

When a new GUNSHIP song gets release it’s always news. They are a band that continues to garner high praise by the entire synthwave community and for good reason. With a high fan base and expectations very high, the band also sets a very high bar with each and every song they put out. “When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies” continues this tradition.

While GUNSHIP songs are always deeply steeped in nostalgia, “When You Grow up, Your Heart Dies” is no different. The title of the song is actually a quote from Ally Sheedy’s character Allison in the movie The Breakfast Club.


Alison:  When you grow up, your heart dies.
Bender:  Who cares.
Alison:  I care.


The quote and the movie represents teen angst, something we have all dealt with growing up. The song very much reflects the same sentiments. It’s a sonically reserved track with a simple hook and chorus. Vocals are provided by Alex Westaway only, the main vocalist of the group. I’m sure the reserved nature of the track is absolutely intentional. After all, the song is not about raining blood, it’s about uplifting the human spirit.

The cumulative moment of the song is when it makes it to the bridge. As the voice recordings begin to play back, the message of the song becomes very apparent. We all have moments of self doubt. We all have times where we wonder if it’s all worth it. Whatever that “it” is differs with each of us. The song reminds us that together, we can pull each other up from these dark times. This song is a strong reminder that no matter how old we get, we can never let our heart die.

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