Venture By Shyguys

Letting the Music do the Talking

If your looking for some great Outrun beats to slam in your Sony Walkman this weekend, you can look no further than Shyguys’ debut album release Venture. As promised on the cover jacket, you can listen to this album in a multitude of places. I have certified that you can listen to this album while working at my computer. I have also verified that this makes quite excellent driving music. Not only does it cool the body by at least 10 degrees, it also does a fantastic job of transforming my 2000 Honda CRV into red pearl Lamborghini, however your mileage and color may vary.

Venture is the product of Jay & Ridley, two shy guys that hail from Sweden. Having been long time fans of 8-Bit video games, 80s action movies as well as the EDM dance scene, they wanted to set forth to create an album that let the music do the talking. When they started to work together around 2012, they were unsure of whether or not they would find a niche for the music they wanted to create. Nevertheless, they continued writing and carefully crafting their many songs over the years. Once they found the Synthwave community they knew they were in the right place for them. Venture is the product of the many songs they have written over the years. With the Synthwave scene finally at its apex, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

While it’s light in the vocal department, Venture certainly makes up for it in its catchy beats and melodies. One of the best features of Venture is the many conventional sounding instruments they use. While many of their tracks have that traditional Outrun feel, their music is also punctuated with some really great organic piano, electric guitar, and bass solos. In a time of so many experimentations, sometimes it’s refreshing to hear a straightforward headstrong album. At a solid 12 song track count, Venture certainly offers up plenty of solid grooves along with its excellent musicianship.

The album’s openers are great examples of a slow infectious groove that steadily build up to a crescendo of guitar solos and funky bass riffs. Other notable tracks on the album are “Horizon,” “Arrival,” as well as the album’s namesake “Venture.” With very little speed bumps along the road, Venture is a steady heart pounding album that will give you one hell of a ride.


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