Borrowed Memories by Elay Arson

Borrowed Memories, the new EP by Elay Arson is a heart pounding wild ride with plenty of evil to satisfy anyone’s late night blood lust. With just 4 tracks, Borrowed Memories delivers more high octane sound than some can do with an entire album. Did we like it? The answer is obviously, absolutely!

Essentially Borrowed Memories is a short collection of tracks that didn’t quite fit the vibe from their latest full length release SPIRIT | DEATH. Releasing the tracks in a smaller collection makes complete sense and allows the songs to breathe better on their own. And breathe it does!

The opening track for example kicks off with a double bass banging rendition of Led Zepplins’s “Immigrant Song.” While Zeppelin covers are not to uncommon, Elay Arson offers several tweaks on the original including tempo changes, double bass kicks, and amazingly wonderful vocals by Becca Starr. It’s a great kick ass way to open the EP.

Things only get better with the next track. “Hotline LA” is a straightforward driving rock influenced track with solid melodies punctuated with some outstanding triple bass drum. I’m just going to go right out there and say this is be my favorite track of the EP.  Devin Harrison, also delivers some fantastic guitar work here. It’s darksynth at it’s finest!

Dreddd is fast becoming one of the most prolific artists to hit the scene. His work on “Gods Among Men” is a hard guitar smashing demonic track that can only be listened to on 11. It also features some great electric guitar work that really propels the track forward.

And because you can never have enough guitar, rounding out the EP is “Final Midnight Ride. Another guitar driven track from Ultraboss. This remix is a strong finish for a great EP.

With an EP this good, my only complaint is the same one I get after a good feeding. I’m always left hungry for more.


If your looking to add a little more synthmetal to your growing collection, you gotta go seek out Borrowed Memories on Bandcamp.