New Music Wrap up Friday 6/29/2018

We might have blazed through the month of June, but nothing is moving faster then all the great new Synthwave acts dropping new stuff on the weekly! Here’s a quick rundown on what just dropped into the Synthsphere:


Turbo Knight

It looks like our favorite Finnish producer is back with another one-two punch. This time it’s a new release “Starburst.”


While he was at it he dropped another banging remix of “Powergrid” By Powercyan. It just goes to prove for sure, Turbo Knight never sleeps.


Judge Bitch

Judge Bitch also threw down their gauntlets with their new Dark-Synth Album Horse Blood. This 9 track album features driving rock beats and hot guitar licks. It’s so rocking you can almost hear the panther roar in the background (Someone please add this to any and all remixes of this album.)



Iron Skillet is also debuting their first feature, and it’s a good one by giving you a first glimpse of Scandroid’s Red Planet. You can check out the full featured article here:


Straplocked & Ray Gun Hero

I’ve personally been waiting for this collaboration ever since my interview with Straplocked. Stalemate is finally now available for pre-order with two songs available immediately. If the entire album matches up to what I heard so far, we’re looking a heart pounding, driving rock explosion with some excellent guitar shredding. If that’s not all, it’s a concept album complete with story and art by the talented Mafer M. Prepare for the entire experience coming July 13th!

Pre-order your copy today!