NEMESIS by Shredder 1984 now Taking Pre-Orders

Shredder 1984 has just announced his new upcoming album NEMESIS that’s now available for pre-order. This marks his 3rd album in just 18 months as well as his first album since signing on with Laserdiscs records.

It’s certainly safe to say thatĀ  Shredder 1984 has been very busy lately with his fury of album releases and live tour that had him tearing across the USA and France over the last 2 years.

About the new album, Laserdiscs says it will be a mix of “metalblastbeat and sci-fi synthwave.” From what I know about Shredder 1984, it’s guaranteed to hit fast and hard leaving no one standing in the end.



Make sure you pre-order your copy today.

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