Kardasynth by Caspro, Death Reimagined

What happens when a progressive death metal band gets a complete synthwave makeover? One artist that can most certainly tell you about it is an EDM/Synthwave producer named Caspro. Caspro has been making music for a few years now but with his latest Kardasynth project he shows he is not only just a great music producer but also a masterful arranger as well. Taking in his favorite tracks from his friend’s progressive death metal band, and breathing out amazing synth soundscapes, what Caspro has done here is nothing short of amazing.

It all started when Caspro who is friends with the original band Kardashev wanted to try an experiment. He thought their songs would fit well into the synthwave genre, so with that he set out to cover some of his favorite tracks and dubbed the project Kardasynth, a very fitting name.


I felt like [the songs] would translate well. It was a fun challenge and I like their music. Most synthwavers don’t cover metal.


The experiment absolutely paid off. The elements that gave Kardashev it’s teeth have lost very little in the conversion. Kardasynth still maintains that hard driving edge, but at the same time the synthwave format gives the work a little more room to play. “Voids and Valleys”, the opening track, is a perfect example of the new freedoms available for Caspro. It’s a heavy synth track that jumps from mid tempo to double time and from sweeping builds to petal-to-the-metal outrun. These tempo and rhythm changes are refreshing and they keep the track nimble and fun. These sophisticated time signatures permeate the entire album creating an ever changing sweeping momentum instead of the same old 4 on the floor. Caspro maintains the sound as a living breathing entity with it’s ever changing twists, melodic scales, and rhythm changes. While most songs tend to peter out by the traditional 3 minute mark, “Voids and Valleys” is just firing up the engines.

Wild rhythmic shifts and tempo changes are carried through for pretty much all of the album. Songs get twisted and turned every which way making the listening a delight. Perhaps my favorite moment is on “Somnusphere” right around at one minute mark. The track builds with sweeping lifting synths only to drop the listener on what I can only describe as a mine cart roller coaster ride or sound. In a world that is sometimes full of sonic emulation, these fresh approaches to the traditional outrun sound is exactly what I feel is needed to keep the entire genre progressing forward.

Considering these tracks are essentially covers it’s hard to place the entire credit on Caspro alone. Portability is a trademark quality of any well written song and kudos certainly go out to Kardashev for providing such well written material. Nevertheless, If your looking for a completely fresh and unique synthwave experience, you owe it to your ears to head over to Bandcamp and pick this up. If you’re looking to hear the inspiration you also might want to check out the original works which are equally as amazing. You can find Kardashev’s stuff here.

If you’re looking to hear even more, Caspro just dropped a hauntingly amazingĀ EP just in time for Halloween.