Retro Future Festival – Malmo – Sweden

Date: 03/30/2019 5:30pm

Location: Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden

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Retro Future Festival comes to Sweden and the lineup looks impressive. If your in the area, this is an event you’re not going to want to miss. Check out the full lineup below:

Dynatron is an electronic and retrowave music producer coming from Denmark. He started making his own music in 2012. His works are heavily inspired by movies such as Alien and Blade Runner, composer Jean Michel-Jarre, 80s rock music genre and science fiction

IRVING FORCE and the soundtrack that follows him was created by Adam Skog, a metal musician from Stockholm turned electronic music producer. His love for sci-fi, horror and action films of the 80′s and 90′s guides him as he scores the scenes for the retro-futuristic Irving Force movie playing in his head.

NINA, a German Synthpop / Synthwave singer-songwriter based in London, UK. Born and raised in Berlin, she began singing at the age of six and she moved on to classical training during her teens.
NINA cites Depeche Mode as one of her early musical influences and currently counts Kavinsky as one of her fans.

Midnight Danger is a Synth/Retrowave project from Stockholm-Sweden, created by producer and guitarist Chris Young in late 2015. Inspired by the new wave of synth music, Midnight Danger is a nostalgic soundtrack experience full of synthesizers and guitar riffs, delivering lots of power, punch and retro vibes.

Damokles has a history as a D.J.(79-87) and introduced live performance into his DJ-set with synths, drum machines etc very early on. He released his first record back in -87 and has many albums on his belt. He also spent quite a few years on the road as a live musician. Today he produces retro synth music in his studio, bringing back the feel of the 80’s.

HyprDrivr (aka Andreas Lundberg) is a well traveled guitar player and producer who have been writing,
producing and performing music in the Rock, Metal and Alternative scenes for over two decades. Now he has returned to the music that filled his youth, when Miami Vice and Knightrider where on the TV
and Vangelis and Jarre played on the stereo.

Not only that, that will also be having DJ StarNoir spinning tunes and keeping the party alive in between acts.

When the event ends the night club opens with music from the actual 80s! So, get ready for some serious retro waves!


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