America 2 By The Midnight

The Midnight has done something really special here.

“America 2” has lyrics containing 186 words. It’s 130 beats per minute. It visits the chorus three times. These are the only definitive things I can say about this song. Everything else will mostly be a raw reflection of human emotion conjured up by this 4 minute masterpiece.

There’s something special and magical about “America 2.” The typical dream of long rides on open highways and swaying palms have been replaced with something else. The slick shades and neon soaked nightlife fade into a story of desperation and frustration. “America 2” is a feeling we all find ourselves living from time to time and The Midnight not only captures this feeling, it captures it perfectly!

“America 2” in many respects is the product of Tyler Lyle, one half of The Midnight and main writer for the band. He has a background that comes from being a 10+ year veteran folk singer from the deep south, and much of the songs he writes is a reflection of his roots. “America 2” is unmistakably an example of that. Drawing heavy inspiration from the hits of Simon & Garfunkle, “America 2” is a song about desperation and finding a very different America than the one that was once promised.

As Tyler puts it, America 2 is about an American dream that has changed. It’s about losing sight of what America really means to us. Peoples’ view of America has changed greatly and the song is about trying to try to recapture what that dream means.

“America 2” was at first written in many different forms and tempos. When Tyler finally brought it to Tim, he really liked it and they began working on the production. When asked at one point did the song begin to feel like a Midnight song, Tyler explains that once he wrote the lyric “And we stole the car on the 4th of July,” they saw that it had a touch of youthful rebellion. It had that glimmer of positivity, and they knew it would make a great song for The Midnight.

With songs like “America 2” and “Lost Boy” hitting the ball out of the ballpark, there is more still to come. In the meantime, make sure you head on over to Bandcamp to pick this one up!