Album Recommendation: Metro Holografix by Vosto

Let’s face it, bubble wrap is just so fun to pop. I remember as a kid digging into a box for the bubble wrap that once was used as packing material for something. I would snap the little bubbles one by one, going down the line methodically. Sometimes I would twist the bubble wrap to release a flurry of satisfying audible delights into my ears.

Years later I would struggle for days trying to explain why I like Vosto’s album Metro Holografix so much. While I can say that it’s wonderfully produced, there was nothing that I could really pinpoint that would make me want to go on a three day listening binge. Then I thought of that bubble wrap. After that it all made sense.

It’s the sonic clarity that sets Vosto’s music apart from other artists. The difference can be heard in each sound layer he puts in his mix. It’s the small, almost inaudible details like the slight detune he adds to his tracks or the warm buzzing sounds he liberally applies on his track “Sunset of Synths.” This warping and audio shaping tickle the back parts of my listening components bugging me daily (pun intended) for repeat play sessions. This type of production permeates all throughout Metro Holografix.

To bring things back to more of an above the surface view, what your going to get with Vosto’s music is a lot of atmospheric instrumental tracks with the occasional vocal. Its landscape is generally slow and deliberate with the occasional dubstep and even outrun sound to keep things from getting stale. Mostly however, you’re going to listen to it for the sonically pleasing cyberpunk atmosphere which is featured heavily throughout his music.

There’s a lot to like in this album and while not every track is going to make you want to write home, there are certainly enough to pique your interest. “In Zobr” for example features some great dark vocals sang by none other than Vosto in his native language of Romanian. If that’s not your thing, perhaps you might find Sunesis’s (formerly Kashmir11) goddess-like vocals on “Nano Fire Flies” a little more to your liking.

Speaking of “Nano Fire Flies,” once again Vosto is the master of the highly addictive sound layers. This time it comes in the form of some wonderfully placed audio snaps that pop in the back of the track. That brings me back to the bubble wrap. These are sounds designed to provoke and satisfy the brain at the same time. Mixed with Sunesis’s vocals and you have one satisfying experience and perhaps my favorite track of the whole album.

If you do one more thing before you sit down for that big holiday dinner do yourself a favor. Grab your best pair of headphones and give Metro Holografix a listen.